Metro Café & Grill


Driving into Metro Café there was a sense of the ‘new Abuja’, a set of restaurants moving to redefine the usual commercial flare of eating out in Abuja. Housed in the same building as a Car workshop (trust I know how this sounds but just wait till the end) it is almost a taboo of a match. However, the space is divided into 3- an outdoor space and two indoor spaces. One of the indoor spaces which is the more relaxed of the two with couches, welcomes you with a huge glass window where you can watch the cars being worked on. The other indoor space is more intimate (perfect for a date night), with the outdoor space having a very modern garden flare, a TV and some entertaining music.

Lamb Racks


The waitress who came up to take our orders didn’t know what a lot of the things on the menu were (a common trend in Nigeria). All deserts on the menu were unavailable much to the dismay of our in-house sweet tooth. The drinks took way too long and the waitress kept coming back to ascertain our orders again over 30mins after we had already ordered. The cocktails were nothing to write home about.

The shisha we ordered had to be adjusted a couple of times before it stopped choking everyone, and we couldn’t taste the coconut flavour we got as a last resort after all our other choices were unavailable. In general the food took over 45mins to arrive which is way too long. Receiving the bill took another 30mins wait and the night just got worse from there as our cries were constantly ignored. However, upon complaints the manager assured a member of the team that he would personally attend to us the next time we came.

Service was actually the only terrible thing about the restaurant, therefore we would give them a pass and try it a second time as we visited this spot only a week after its opening.


Most of the food is very reasonably priced, except for a few novelty items like the Lobster platter which is a whopping N22,500 (However, if you are of the opinion that the recession is just a myth then we suggest you try it and let us know, or better still invite one of us)


The food on its own was very good, the presentation was A1 and instagram-worthy. However, we ordered chicken spring-rolls and these were cold as they had just been fried without having been defrosted properly. The lamb racks were surprisingly really good, but the strawberry daiquiri takes a back seat to the ones we have tried at 355 and Traffic.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO DATA BUNDLE HOARDERS: Wifi is available upon request


Grilled Spicy Wings
Butterfly Prawns
Caesar Salad

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