Breakfast at Charcoal


Arriving at Charcoal you are welcomed by 3 separate seating sections.The first is almost like a cafe and is hardly ever populated. The second is a very basic indoor seating area which gives views into the semi-open plan kitchen. The terrace however, is where all the fun happens and that’s exactly where the AbujaFoodDiary crew retreated to. The terrace is quite airy and the tables are evenly spaced so you don’t have to worry about others listening in on your conversations. Overall there is nothing special about the furniture or design but the vibe is calm and the area serves its purpose. It is also located above KFC, on the bubbling Aminu Kano Crescent which houses Domino’s Pizza/ Coldstone, Wakkis and many more, making it easy to find.

Full English Breakfast


We visited the restaurant on a Saturday morning and found that quite a few people actually go there for breakfast. The service was quick in the beginning with a waiter swiftly passing out menus (surprisingly enough we were each given a menu, which is not the norm in your typical Abuja restaurant). After our order was taken it didn’t take too long for the tea to be served and the food followed shortly (about 15mins).  The fresh orange juice, grilled tomatoes and bacon which was part of the overall price, never made it on two of the plates. After several failed attempts of trying to get the waiters attention (at this time 2 waiters was no longer enough as more people had walked in), we were informed that they were out of fresh orange juice and bacon. However, we were not told about this till we noticed and enquired. Generally, the service was good except for the lack of communication.


You get a little more than what you pay for as the prices are from about N4000 below but hey we are not complaining. [insert recession worthy quote here LOL]


The food was generally pleasant and the portions were very large. The tea like almost all tea that is not lipton (LOL) was standard. The pancakes were ‘ahmazingggg’ but the french toast lacked in flavour and overall texture.

NB: It is not just a breakfast place, they have a wide variety of food on their menu. However, on this occasion we only had their breakfast. Don’t panic guys, a review on their other meals will come in due time.

Continental Breakfast
Buttermilk Pancakes with a side of bacon and sausages


Breakfast Menu

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