Brunch at Classic Rock Café


Classic Rock Café, being a franchise of its own seems to have a similar concept to the well-known Hard Rock Café, with its various odes to the ‘rock’ era. Walking into the building, there are three different seating areas (this is slowly becoming a trend in most restaurants in the “Buj”). There is an outdoor seating area which has a lot of potential, however lacks in proper execution. The indoor area is split into a bar section downstairs and a lounge upstairs with a few regular tables. The restaurant is furnished with guitars on the walls, pictures of rock legends and drums as tables (although we later came to the realisation that this was a cool idea but very unpractical and uncomfortable when it came to actually eating on them). The lounge, where the team sat is very crammed and almost comes off as disorganised. Overall, the idea behind the restaurant is almost revolutionary but as stated earlier, the execution lacks in more ways than one.

Chicken Sandwich


The service at this restaurant was commendable as the staff were quick to pass out menu’s and take our order. However, we were the only ones present at this time, so that might have been the reason. There was also almost no wait time for the food (this might also have been because we had a ‘chatty’ friend with us). The only issue related to service came at the end when the waiter couldn’t enter 7 Naira 50 Kobo into the POS (YES OH, I know! They had to give us small headache at the end to show that we are still in Nigeria). It took about 10 minutes for them to finally notify us and we ended up giving them 50 Naira to compensate for this.


The price was very reasonable for an Abuja restaurant scale. The meals are generally N5000 and below. However, it was only on later inspection of our receipt that we realised we were charged an extra fee for service charge. This was entered into the receipt like just another item we ordered which made it easy to overlook. 🤔


The food lacked in flavour but the portions were decent. The Nigerian Breakfast was the highlight of the day as it did everything corned beef sauce was meant to do. The Chicken Sandwich was dry as there was no sauce/dressing/ketchup in between the layers, making it hard to chew. It was also quite salty which was rather surprising for such a basic sandwich. The chicken salad was just that, ‘a chicken salad’ (points to the chef on the presentation of the salad shaaaa). For drinks we ordered two types of iced coffee and a fresh watermelon smoothie. Both iced coffee’s were too ‘milky’ and could have done with a little more coffee. The smoothie on the other hand was perfect.

Would We Go Back??

Hmmmmm… I think it’s going to have to be a ‘maybe’ from the Abuja Food Diary team.

Chicken Salad
Big Nigerian Breakfast
Island Treat- Watermelon Smoothie




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