Shawarma Showdown

Best Shawarma in Town?


If you live in Abuja then you know the shawarma debate is an on-going showdown. The Abuja Food Diary team has tried shawarma from pretty much all the reputable spots: AJ’s, Shawarma King, Amigo, Drumstix, Zavati, Downtown, Ketchup and Chicken Capitol.

Needless to say, only one master can really exist amongst all these places.


Chicken Capitol located in Wuse 2 right behind BOMAS, if you are a true Abuja ‘person’ you will know Bomas.   

The order from chicken capitol was a pretty basic one with one or two additions and subtractions from the regular Nigerian shawarma. The order consisted of a medium chicken shawarma with sausage, cheese, garlic and no cabbage. The price of this was N1900 (a bit on the steep side for shawarma I know but it was the medium size so you get what you pay for) and the cheese incurred an additional N200 making it the total. However, there is a small size which is more pocket friendly. Service was generally good but, they made a mistake with the order by adding cabbage which required us having to go all the way back to get it changed. The Staff were however willing to rectify this mistake. The wait time is really long for a shawarma (about 20 minutes) but you can call in advance to order.

The variety of options to be included in an order is a major plus for chicken capitol. Overall, we were pleased with the shawarma as it was full of flavour and was worth the price in our opinion. The decor of Chicken Capitol is not bad at all, they also have a shisha lounge which in the grand scheme of things gives them an upper hand.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-25 at 21.58.32


Zavati, located right inside Abuja’s very own Maitama Amusement Park (MAP) is a fast food joint with shawarma, ice-cream, popcorn (make sure you try this out!) and those sorts. Our order from Zavati was a regular chicken shawarma with sausage, there wasn’t an option for different sizes. The flat bread was a bit dry and lacked in flavour compared to chicken capitol’s and they were not as generous with their chicken but this might be due to the difference in pricing if you ask me. The shawarma was also definitely not as filling as Chicken Capitol’s. However, a major plus for Zavati is their price, at only N1100. The decor is pretty basic with tables and chairs as in most fast food joints. The location of this joint also makes it a place to go for a variety of entertainment options. 

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Drumstix is located on a bustling street in Wuse 2, which houses the likes of Banex Plaza, Park & Shop and many more. It is a well known fast food spot that has carved its name in the hearts of many Abuja locals.

You can choose between a large or small chicken or/and beef shawarma, with the option of adding sausage and cheese. On this day, we opted for a small chicken, beef shawarma with sausage and a little bit of pepper costing N1500. Their beef shawarma is amazing, mainly because the beef filling is actually beef suya (or at least it tastes like it LOL). However, the flat bread used tends to be so dry to the point that it starts to crack and easily falls apart (making the blog pictures quite difficult to take). The amount of pepper in the shawarma has at previous times been more than desired because they use actual fresh pepper (#pepperdem); however, on this occasion the pepper levels were not as dangerous. Generally, its a nice shawarma but can do with a bit more flavour.

Their service is relatively good, and there is hardly any wait time, living up to its fast food name.



After all our shawarma exploits, we can comfortably say that chicken capitol emerged our winner in this keenly competed battle. Shawarma King should consider changing its name in light of this. *wink*

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