Dinner at Nkoyo (Jabi Lake Mall)

Who doesn’t like seafood and a beautiful lake side view? The team went searching for just that and found a newly opened Nkoyo branch in the Jabi Lake Mall. As mentioned, this restaurant is located within the mall but is situated outside along the Jabi lake.


The restaurant predominantly has outdoor seating, with a few indoor seats available. We would definitely suggest you sit outside to get the full aesthetic value of the lake (especially in the evening when the Abuja sun isn’t scorching). The restaurant serves 80% seafood in celebration of the popular Argungu fishing festival which happens annually  in Kebbi state, Nigeria. The decor gives off an afrocentric vibe, with paintings of fishing tools, fishermen, rivers and Adire print table runners. The decor is sophisticated yet subtle.


The service was fairly good, the team opted for Sunday dinner at Nkoyo and was quite pleased with the number of customers present. The waiter attended to us almost immediately, with our drink orders taken first (although they didn’t have all the drinks on their menu, as one of us had to change our orders twice before finally getting one that was available). The waiting time for the drinks was a bit longer than expected but the food came not too long after. They had however run out of their complimentary sweet potato crisps which would have helped with the waiting time. Unfortunately, after dining we had to wait for an unnecessarily long time for the waiter to bring the bill.


The food and drinks are decently priced as none of the mocktails cost more that N700 and the food was honestly a steal for the portions.


The team ordered four different meals and each opted for a side of french fries. The first meal was the Spicy Golden King Prawns with tartar sauce; the prawns were excellent, however, they could have been a bit more moist (this is just a personal preference). The grilled chicken was tasty but we felt as though it needed a sauce to go with it. The skewered beef tenderloin was nice but a bit dry. In general, more effort could have been put into the plating of the beef as it lacked visually. Lastly, the spicy mixed seafood platter would have been great but because we requested the pepper level be reduced, the dish ended up being bland. The fries were chunky and generally tasted good. The mocktails on the other hand were colourful but tasted watered down.

The team endorses this restaurant but would advise you go there if you’re a seafood lover or want a really nice view. It would also definitely be a good first date spot as it has a more relaxed environment than your average restaurant.

Would we return? Yes but not to this particular branch (we love the Ceddi Plaza branch as there are a lot more options to choose from on the menu).

Skewered Beef Tenderloin

Spicy Golden King Prawns

Grilled Chicken

Spicy Mixed Seafood Platter

Deep Blue Sky

Pink Lady
Nkoyo-menu-Abuja-food-Diary Nkoyo-Abuja-food-Diary

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