For the first edition of #FOODTRUCKFRIDAYS the team visited StrEATwize Chef.


This food truck is located in Wuse 2, on Aminu Kano Crescent, after Kryxtal Lounge, and directly beside Beer Barn. The food truck itself is quite welcoming with a card board cut out of their mascot holding the menu outside the truck. There are a few seats and tables in front of the food truck and sufficient parking space. To all you all-nighters and party-goers, they are open till late on Friday and Saturday night so you can always visit them to relieve your cravings.


Classic HotDog

The bun on this hotdog was very soft and reminiscent of a brioche bun. The sausage was very moist and juicy and it had just the right amount of spices.  It didn’t taste like your average everyday hotdog, as it had onions and other fillings. Sizewise, the hotdog was quite big for the price and very filling.

The Classic Dog

StrEATwize MadDog

This hotdog lived up to its name (Madddd combo LOL). It contained a regular sausage, onions, special sauce, pieces of a beef patty and was all housed in the same warm bun as the Classic HotDog. No complaints whatsoever.

StrEATwize MadDog

Wings Meal

The wings were both a good size and texture. The highlight of this meal was the barbecue sauce which was evenly distributed (Nigerian restaurants can be stingy with sauces) and contained TRUE barbecue sauce (#NoShade).


Fresh Cut Fries

The whole team got a side of fries with their orders. These were quite oily and lacked salt. However, we asked for salt and after a few pinches they were good to go. They also didn’t taste like frozen packed fries which we were pleased with.



The lemonade was surprisingly fresh. It tasted very sweet but had an almost unnoticeable  bitter aftertaste (can’t fault them because the lemons in Nigeria usually have a slightly bitter taste). All in all, it was an enjoyable drink and we would definitely return for a cheap glass of fresh lemonade.


The service was pretty good as they were quick to attend to us (although this could be attributed to the slow night they were having). Much to our surprise, a good amount of the items on the menu were not available, however the staff were quick to notify us. None of members of the AbujaFoodDiary team had cash and their POS wasn’t working but they were more than happy to allow us transfer money to one of their company accounts which saved us the hassle of queuing up at an ATM.


The prices of all meals, sides and drink were very reasonable. If you are on a budget and still looking for a great fast food meal definitely check this spot out.

The prices of what we ordered were:

  • Wings Meal (Wings, fries and a drink)- N1500
  • The Classic HotDog- N600
  • The StrEATwize MadDog- N800
  • Fresh Cut Fries- N350
  • Lemonade- N350 (small) and N400 (large)

Would we return?? Yes


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