Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another exciting edition of #FOODTRUCKFRIDAYS. Rumour has it that Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent is the battleground for the best food trucks in Abuja and we are here to give our two cents on Street café.


The food truck low-key looked a bit sketch, but as we’ve learned, the sketchiest places usually have the best food. However, it is located on the same street as Amigo (Yes, no one is ever going to call it 4U supermarket lol) so you have nothing to worry about. It could do with a little more sprucing up in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


Street café is popular for their shawarma and burgers so we had to try these out. Order 1 was a chicken shawarma with extra chicken, cheese and no pepper. The shawarma was relatively nice and very moist on the inside, especially with the melted cheese which tasted amazing. The flat bread was however a bit too hard as the grill had dried it more than we would have liked. The second order was a Hot dog, which was instantly uninviting and somewhat small for the price. It lacked in flavour and general appeal. Our third order was a chicken burger with sausages. The bun was just perfect (not too dry nor crusty), and the filling was tasty, owing to the fact that they use shawarma chicken in making it. The chicken burger could be a little bigger for the price, however the slight advantage of this is that the size makes it easy to eat on-the-go. Our last order was a beef burger with cheese and sausages. This was very tasty, and the sauce used here worked very well with it. A recurring issue  with all the orders was the amount of sauce they drench them in, which came off as excessive.


Their prices are fairly decent but there’s room for improvement. The shawarma was N1300 which is your standard shawarma price. The hotdog was N500 which a bit steep for its size in comparison to some other food trucks. The beef burger with cheese and sausage was N1300 while the chicken burger was N1200 (sausages added at no extra cost). 


The staff were very friendly and approachable, making the waiting time more bearable. If nothing else, we would definitely return for that chef with the endless jokes. They didn’t have a POS (we definitely need to start going around with cash) but there is an ATM close-by.

The shawarma didn’t live up to the hype (Check out our shawarma showdown for the plug on where to get the best shawarma in “the Buj” 🔌😉) but we would return for those mouth-watering burgers.

The infamous HotDog
Beef Burger with cheese and sausages
Chicken Shawarma with cheese
Chicken Burger with sausages

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