Coco Café

Would you resist a rooftop café with an amazing view ? We just couldn’t at AFD and had to maximise the beautiful day. There is a tranquil feeling that comes with a good meal and an amazing view (carefree black girl). If you are in Abuja, Coco Café has got you covered people!


Coco Café is in a plaza in Jabi opposite Jabi lake, which is popular for Saturday morning workouts and midday recreational activities. There are little food stalls just outside the building, a pharmacy and supermarket on the ground floor. The building itself is undergoing minimal renovation and its elevator is almost never functioning, subjecting you to what seems like an endless flight of stairs to the rooftop, with little ‘encouraging’ (depends on your fitness level LOL) stickers urging you to “burn calories and not electricity”. The rooftop is very pretty with faux carpet grass and plants to supplement outdoor greenery.  The café only has outdoor seating, allowing you to get a real view of the lake, however in this 39 degree weather be careful oo (yes, the kind of heat that makes you want to get closer to God). The music was also very soothing and complemented the relaxed atmosphere.


They had very limited options on the menu, however we were all able to find something that every member of the team was interested in. Our first order was their chicken escalope which was served with chips, an extremely sweet coleslaw (you could practically feel the sugar granules in your mouth) and three different dips; this meal was generally tasty and filling, the chicken was however a bit dry. The second was peri peri chicken wings served with chips and also three different dips; the chicken was excellent and spiced well enough to our preference. The wings are rather small and cannot realistically be eaten with cutlery (sorry to the posh babes); we also felt that the wings were overpriced at N4000 for a portion of six small wings. Our third order was a very underwhelming beef burger. The plating was subpar and a great letdown in comparison to the other meals. The bun was hard, cold and somewhat stale, the beef patty was also hard and hardly chewable. After requesting the burger be re-heated, we tasted it and it pretty much was a failed version of the McDonald’s BigMac. The last order was a T-bone steak, which was phenomenal. It was placed on a bed of juicy vegetables and the presentation was very impressive.  Some parts of the steak were perfectly done and easy to cut, while the others lacked in moistness and tenderness. Overall, the steak was easily the highlight of our time at coco cafe. 


Their prices generally vary and there is a range which is good for people who want to enjoy a meal without necessarily breaking the bank. 

Price Breakdown:

  • Chicken Escalope – N3850
  • Peri Peri Chicken Wings – N4000
  • Beef Burger – N2750
  • T-bone Steak – N6000 (pretty understandable as it was steak and a large one at that)


The waitress that attended to us was somewhat rude, nonchalant, and unwilling to help. The owner was around on the day we visited and came around to enquire if we were okay with our food (it’s definitely a good sign when you’re well involved in your business).

Would we return? YES definitely in the evening or at night when the sun isn’t scorching (which is almost every day) to enjoy your time there.

T-Bone Steak


Chicken Escalope


Peri Peri Chicken


Beef Burger

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6 thoughts on “Coco Café

  1. Had an issue with the waitress too on the day I went. She was unnecessarily rude, grabbed the menu from my hand and in general acted like she didn’t want to be there on that day.


  2. Oh wow, it’s funny how staff can ruin your perception of a place! Ours wasn’t that bad but we’ve been contacted by coco cafe and were assured they would work on it.


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