Froyo Frenzy

What else would you be spending a hot Friday afternoon doing, if you’re not sampling the best frozen yoghurt in the city? We picked the top three spots we’ve heard about and ended up with Tutti Frutti, Yogurberry and a rookie in the froyo scene out here, Santifood.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is located on the ground floor of the same building that houses Charcoal Grill. They have self-service machines and two cup sizes but on this day only one was available (can you imagine it was the small one that decided to finish). Technically we paid more because the more you fill it up, the less empty the big cup looks. Tutti Frutti has a timetable for flavours which runs across 7 days. This is quite convenient because you know when to pop-in for your flavour fix. There were six flavours on offer that day, so we decided to taste the likely suspects based on our in-house sweet-tooth’s recommendations (we shall call no names). These were peach, red velvet and salted caramel. The salted caramel and red velvet were pretty disappointing and didn’t taste like yoghurt at all. We settled with the peach flavour because it was sweet and the only one that actually tasted like yoghurt. As far as toppings go, not much was on offer considering how long the counter was (coughs in packaging), so we went with strawberries and watermelon.

The cashier weighed the cup and N2100 popped up on the screen (for yoghurt ooo, we cannot come and kill ourselves on top food blogging). We were shocked as we didn’t even fill up the cup or get that many toppings, but this was likely as a result of using the big cup.

Would we return? Yes, to try the other options available during the week (only when that bank alert hits though💸).



This yoghurt spot is dainty and cute, leading to a debate within the team as to whether it looked nicer than Tutti Frutti. Only one team member thought it did but this might be a biased opinion because it was all pink. This spot isn’t self-service and arguably that feature does enhance the froyo experience. There were 4 flavours on offer and a range of cup sizes so we of course went for medium (had to recover from that N2100 lol). With this cup size you are allowed 2 flavours, leading our adventurous side to green tea and strawberry (don’t be adventurous, don’t be like AFD, be smart, be safe). The green tea flavour sold us dreams and was almost inedible as it literally tasted like a lipton tea bag (where da green tea at??). If you however like lipton and milk, this might hit the spot. Strawberry, on the other hand, was quite sweet and refreshing. The price was good and you get more than what we got at tutti frutti for about N1200.

Side Gist: When the lady handed us our order she put a take-away cap on it (LITERALLY COMMITTED FOOD BLOGGER SACRILEGE), you should have seen the looks on all our faces. Obviously shocked by our reactions, she very kindly offered to top up the squashed parts with more yoghurt (s/o to Yogurberry for supporting blog picsss).

Would we return? Yes!


SantiFood Frozen Yoghurt 

We were really excited to try this place because it is a very popular health-fix spot that just started selling frozen yoghurt. Their parfaits and Chia drinks are really good but that’s for a future post (WATCH OUT FOR OUR POST ON THE BEST FIT-FAM SPOTS).

There is only one cup size available which wasn’t aesthetically pleasing but did the job. After ordering the frozen yoghurt, it took about 10mins to actually get it but no complaints here as we just explored the food court where it is located. From the chatter in the shop, it seemed that the machine was having some issues freezing the yoghurt. We were offered a choice of three syrup toppings and opted for the strawberry. The yoghurt itself is all natural which is commendable as none of the other places we tried offered this. It didn’t taste particularly nice, and the yoghurt was separating but this could be because their machine was having issues. The strawberry syrup was very average and tasted like artificial strawberry jam (whether this is a good or bad thing, we’re still not sure). The price was very budget friendly at N600, however, the amount of yoghurt you get is really not comparable to the other spots.

Would we return? Maybe, because this might have been a one-off and we would like to try it on another day.


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