We’re bringing you another edition of #CafeSundays this beautiful Monday. It’s a long weekend so today is technically our Sunday (LOL let’s just roll with that LOL). Now on to the review.


Saffron café is located in the same building as House 43, on Gana Street. It has more of a restaurant feel, with round tables and arm chairs, as opposed to a relaxed café feel. However, they do have a variety of cakes and pastries to choose from (the croissants deserve an honorary mention) and a lot of games you can play, but as we observed, most people just go there just for the AC and coffee. There’s also an outdoor area, with regular garden chairs and tables. Before we go on with this review, let’s talk about their indoor chairs for a moment. These chairs have a polka dot print which messes with your head and almost made our friend faint from staring at it (LOL this is not a joke guys, something needs to be done about those chairs. Take a look at the picture below and if you’re not feeling dizzy we’ll give you a free whistle).

The Polka dot chairs – Feel dizzy yet?


They have a very wide selection of food to choose from, and much to our surprise, everything we asked for was available.

The full English breakfast consisted of eggs, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans, bacon and a choice of either pancakes or toast. We expected some fluffy American style pancakes but got rather thin crepe-like pancakes. The mushrooms had been doused in too much black pepper, making it inedible but everything else on the plate tasted fine. For what you get, this meal is overpriced, and honestly seemed like something we could have made at home. We would suggest getting something else if you want more for your money.


The next meal was the chicken penne arrabbiata, and also the highlight of our experience. Everyone couldn’t stop taking bites out of it. It was penne pasta with chunks of chicken covered in a tomato sauce. The presentation was rather poor, with the vegetables haphazardly dropped on the pasta, but this was not a problem as the food tasted much better than it looked. Our only issue was that it could have done with a little bit of cheese, but other than that it was perfect. We would definitely recommend this meal especially if you’re a pasta lover.


The third meal was the roasted lamb spare ribs, with a side of jollof rice and plantain. We asked for the ribs to be “saucy”, and saucy they delivered. The ribs were juicy and covered in a delicious honey sauce. The jollof rice was okay and the plantain was well, plantain. For the price, the ribs were quite small and it almost seemed like the meal was ‘rice with a side of ribs’ and not the other way around. 



The prices vary depending on what you order. There’s salmon or steak for about N11,000 but other cheaper and more affordable meals. The prices of what we got were:

Full English Breakfast- N3900

Roasted Lamb Spare Ribs- N4900

Roasted Chicken (not pictured)- N3900

Chicken Penne Arrabiata- N3900

Banana and strawberry smoothie- N2500


We were not attended to by any waiters for about 15 minutes (thanks to our chatty friend, the wait didn’t seem that long), and actually had to walk up to the counter to get the menus. Granted, it was a busy Saturday afternoon so we’ll give them a pass. The price of the smoothie was not written on the menu but it was masked among other drinks that cost significantly less. When we got the bill, our chatty friend was shocked to realise that it cost N2500 (We don’t know about you guys but this is kind of steep for a regular smoothie- or has the price of banana gone up in the market?). We questioned the waiter as to why we weren’t informed that the price was different from the other drinks but he kindly explained that as per the Nigerian mentality, if he informed us about the price, we might think he was being disrespectful and we quickly understood his dilemma (cue those Nollywood scenes where the guy takes a girl out for a date and when the waiter mentions the price of their meal he screams “Do you know who I am? Do you know the car I drive?” and then storms out when he low-key knows he can’t afford it.) Apart from the initial slowness, we had no other problems with the service, and the waiters kept on enquiring if we were okay with everything which was a plus.

Would we return? Every day of the week for that penne arrabbiata!!!




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