Tropical Sno #letitsno

Alright so the heat in Abuja is real. To be honest, it’s hard to understand how it is raining season and still this hot (like WYD sun?). However, as usual we are here to rescue you all (cue the superman *woman theme song). Our solution? Shaved Ice babayy. Tropical Sno opened a week ago in Abuja and we thought to give you all the inside scoop (pun intended 😉) before it gets overcrowded (#thoughtful). It is located on Kampala street in Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent inside Heroes Plaza.

We visited the store on the day it opened and it was packed, so we decided to try it out again when it wasn’t so busy. The idea itself is part of a franchise in the US where shaved ice in a cup is drenched with different flavours of syrup (over 40 flavours).

The design and seating in the shop is very eye catching with THE MOST colourful set of furniture we’ve seen in a minute. The shop is placed in the front of the plaza and is very easily accessible. The service was quite good and the staff seemed pretty friendly.

Between the day it opened and the day we went back, over 7 flavours have been dissected between the team. These were peach, pink lemonade, berry cherry, pina colada (pineapple and coconut), blueberry, cherry and peach razzmatazz (peach and red raspberry). The best flavours so far that we would recommend are pink lemonade and peach. You can also mix any of the flavours and create any combos you want for the same price. 

You’re probably thinking ‘hmmm how can ice be nice?’. Those same thoughts crossed our minds BUT it was surprisingly very sweet and satisfying. On another note, it doesn’t seem like an unhealthy option – Calorie police STAND DOWN, we repeat STAND DOWN.

They have two cup sizes available (small- N1000 and medium- N1500). On both occasions we opted for the small cup which was enough. The only thing we can say about this ‘snack’? ‘desert’? (really don’t know which it falls under, maybe both) is that, it does kind of melt fast with the heat and all so it might be a good idea for you to eat it in store rather than take it away. 

BTW – they also have a loyalty card which gives you a free cup after a few purchases (CHA-CHING!!!)

Would we return? Definitely! Just so we can “let it sno” some more in our mouths. You should all give it a try- leave the ice cream and froyo for a minute for some amazing flavoured sno. 




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