Keje Grill

Keje Grill is an outdoor restaurant located inside Abuja’s vibrant City park on Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2.


We visited the restaurant on a sunny Wednesday afternoon (which we’d advise against…lol but then it’s slowly becoming rainy season so you could take a gamble). City park is for the most part untarred and the drive getting to your destination is a bit bumpy. We felt truly ‘catfished’ when we got to Keje’s as it didn’t look anything like what we had seen on their Instagram (all na packaging- where’s Nev when you need him). The structure (as it is actually a structure) seems to have been aiming for a disjointed gazebo look but was poorly executed. The restaurant has its name boldly written over the structure and only outdoor seating is available. Upon arrival we were immediately attended to by a waitress, who showed us to our seats and proceeded to give us a fan because…Abuja heat.



When it came to writing down the orders, the waitress had to confirm they had each item we requested which took longer than it should realistically have. Generally, the service was below average and we were the only customers waiting to be served that afternoon (so help us conclude). FYI ketchup lovers beware! We had to pay N50.00 for an extra miserly portion of ketchup because we were only given a measly portion in the first place. So you know, don’t order chips or bring your own ketchup (cue song- “I got ketchup in my bag…swag”). The waitress seemed completely confused and failed in letting us know that the food was going to take over an HOUR (yes you read that right) to arrive.


For this supernatural meal that took over an HOUR (We cannot stress this enough), you would think it would be life changing. WRONG. The meals were underwhelming. Can you imagine waiting over an HOUR for food and to be completely and utterly disappointed? Our first order was a grilled full chicken with a side of sweet potato fries and puff puff which was supposed to be the starter but instead came with the main meal. Apparently at Keje, starters come with the main meals 🤷🏾‍♀️. Everything about this order was just a no.Keje_Grill_Abuja_Food_Diary


Our second meal was half chicken with a side of sweet potato fries and “spring rolls” which tasted more like dough rolls. They did not look like spring rolls and had little to no vegetables inside. The chicken also tasted very bland, and more boiled than grilled.


Spring Rolls?🤔

Our last order was the chicken burger with a side of sweet potato fries and gizzard on a stick as the starter. We had to debate over whether this was really a chicken or beef burger (yes, we were just as confused as you are reading that). It tasted like a frozen patty and for a self-proclaimed “grill”, this was a let down. Lastly, the starter read “three gizzard kebabs” and we don’t know if it’s just us but ermm this didn’t sound like literally 3 pieces of gizzard on a stick…but what do we know.


The only ‘nice’ thing about any of our meals was the sweet potato fries BUT, at the end of the day it was just fried sweet potato.


Well on the bright side, at least the disappointment came at reasonable prices. For the quality of food served at the restaurant, their prices are well within range but still… a waste of money. Visit a bukka (e.g Amala place) and get more value for your money.

Regular Combo- N1900

Burger Combo- N2300

Chicken Max- N2200

Overall, Keje was a very underwhelming and disappointing experience which when coupled with the heat, just ruined our day. This restaurant is in need of a facelift, a staff overhaul (including the chef) and a better menu. We will not be returning here anytime soon. For now, ISSA NO from the AFD team. But like they say, experience is the best teacher, so if you really want to try it out, go for it. Just don’t have any high expectations!


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