Clubhouse is located in the heart of Tak Continental Estate, Life Camp. It has a very rustic feel, with wooden architecture and raffia umbrellas. As the name suggests, it is a club house with a gym, restaurant, pool and other facilities such as a kids playground making it very family friendly. They have both outdoor and indoor seating, but we opted to sit outside, as it’s not everyday you get to enjoy the Abuja breeze. They had a decent amount of patronage that evening, but there is more than enough space to accommodate a small village. 



We had our orders taken, and our drinks were brought to us within a reasonable time. The food however did not come as soon as we would have liked but they made up for this with the complementary groundnuts we were given to snack on. The staff were very friendly and didn’t trouble us when we were taking pictures (#shade) even though we were armed with what seemed like Studio 24 equipment. 


Before we carry on rambling, let’s get to the important part…the food.

Dish 1 – Broasted Chicken (half) with oven roasted potatoes, pickles and sweet chilli sauce. The chicken was allegedly some sort of Kentucky style fried chicken, but man, to put it nicely…let’s all leave kentucky fried chicken for Colonel Sanders. The chicken was very dry and tasteless, while the potatoes lacked flavour and moisture. The sweet chilli sauce was without doubt, the best part of this meal; it gave the chicken the taste it really needed. The overall taste and feel of this meal left us with regret and disappointment….who really wants some dry chicken and potatoes after a long day. For drinks, we had the strawberry mojito which was slightly different from your average mojito. It had chopped fresh strawberries which made it fruity and refreshing.


Dish 2 – Hot fried chicken (half) with french fries and a side of vegetables. The chicken was supposedly marinated, deep-fried and served with a tomato and chilli sauce base which was basically another way of saying stew (definitely not the chilli tomato sauce we were expecting!). The chicken was just average, but the fries were perfectly cooked. For N3700, we could have bought a whole litre of chicken stew from Aunty Funke down the road…sigh. To accompany this dish was the Fresh Orange Juice, which  to our surprise, was actually freshly squeezed. 


After seeing the first two meals, we weren’t expecting much from the others, and well…we were not disappointed.

Dish 3- Grilled steak with french fries and peppercorn sauce. First off, this was barely steak (Why do Nigerian restaurants call a slab of ram meat steak please? 🤔) The “steak” was dry, bland and hard to chew. The peppercorn sauce had way too much black pepper and didn’t help with the taste of the steak. Sadly, we had to resort to the sweet chilli again to make it bearable. In addition, there was also some cold, chopped up mushrooms, carrots and sweet corn on the side which added nothing to the meal.

SIDEBAR: We’re still on the hunt for the best steak in Abuja, so far Coco Café is in the lead but if you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear them.


Dish 4- Our final meal was the Spaghetti bolognese with minced  beef, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. Where do we begin? It looked like yesterday’s leftover pasta that was just microwaved and left on the plate they microwaved it in. The pasta was dry, and the sauce lacked a lot of flavour. S/O to the sweet chilli sauce…once again. Lastly, the food was slightly cold which gave us horrible flashbacks of Secondary school lunch *shiverss*.



We’ll just drop the prices here and let you judge for yourselves. 

  • Broasted Chicken (Half) with oven roasted potatoes and pickles- N3700
  • Hot Fried Chicken (Half) with french fries- N3700
  • Grilled Steak with french fries – N3500
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – N2800
  • Virgin Strawberry Mojito- N1300
  • Fresh Orange juice- N800
  • Lemonade- N800

Would we return? It’s gonna have to be a NO from the AFD team. The only plus is that this is almost a perfect place to go to if you’re looking for a nice serene environment, as it is located somewhat outside the hustle and bustle of Abuja and has a beautiful ambience.  


2 thoughts on “CLUB HOUSE

  1. Nigerian restaurants really need to rename their so called ‘steaks’ ugh. I had a very horrible beef burger at clubhouse 2 weeks ago. I complained and asked them to take it back, and was told that’s what it should taste like. It tasted like kerosene tbh! The good thing was they let me choose something else on the menu. The chicken burger was okay but…..just okay.

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    1. That’s actually disappointing. Burgers in Nigeria are honestly 90% of the time a miss. They just can’t ever really get the flavours and the texture right…and let’s not even get started with the buns lol.


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