Bricks Café

First of all can we just express our joy on how new café’s are popping up on every corner. We’re definitely here for it cause girlllll the way Abuja is set up…let’s not even go there. Bricks Café is located where café de vie previously was and allegedly has the same owner as café de vie (but you didn’t hear it here).


You walk into the most serene environment, with a real floral wall (perfect blogger backdrop), plant pots, hanging lanterns and just a generally earthy feel. We chose to sit outdoors but had to take a look inside. The inside of the cafe has a very pleasant feel to it as it’s divided into different conversation areas, with mismatched chairs and tables. Some of the notable features are the wooden log coffee tables and the picture frames on the walls.


The menu is slightly confusing and we  had to ask the waiter for further explaination on how it works to us. It’s broken up into different sections like “Whenever Breakfast” which is divided into subsections like “2 eggs your way” and “egg buddies”. We came to realise that you have to order each item individually, as opposed to getting whole dishes like other restaurants.

Moving on… Our first order was the vegetable omelette, 2 chicken sausages, a bucket of chips and toast (yeah random, we know).

The second order was the french toast, and a side of 2 chicken sausages. The french toast was two thick slices of not really french toast (more like fried bread with some egg wash), whipped cream, brown sugar and maple syrup. Not the best french toast we’ve had as it lacked moisture but also not the worst.

The third order was the poached eggs, one sausage and a bucket of chips. The eggs were poached beautifully…no regrets here.

Our 4th order was the Korean beef sticks with sautéed potatoes. This was the chef’s special for the day and without a doubt the best meal. It was a combination of  grilled beef kebabs topped with chopped tomatoes and cilantro and it was served with perfectly sautéed potatoes. The flavour of this dish created a medley in our mouths. It was definitely worth it!

Lastly, for dessert we had the sticky toffee pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (It’s as yumm as it sounds). The price of this meal was almost extortionist but we loved every bit of it. It wasn’t too sweet, and the vanilla ice cream complemented it perfectly.



The prices were ermmm nothing to write home about. There were more affordable options like the french toast but because the breakfast has to be ordered individually, it ends up being more expensive. For example one sausage is N700 (let’s relax) + N800 for eggs which already comes up to N1500 for a sausage and eggs. The prices of our orders were:

Order 1- N3000

Order 2- N3700

Order 3- N2000

Order 4- N4500

Sticky toffee pudding- N2300 + one scoop of ice cream- N520


The staff were lovely, including their barista who was poached by Kalakut café from Classic rock café and then now to bricks café (insider AFD intelligence agency knowledge). You know he has to be worth it when every new café is after him.

Would we return?

Despite the prices, it’s gonna have to be a yes because of the vibe, the tranquility and definitely that sticky toffee pudding.

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