First of all, from the whole team we would like to sincerely apologise for our lack of consistency last year. Mehn life in general has just been slightly overwhelming. However, as with everything where there is a will, there is always a way. So 2019 is already looking to be the year we finally blow (say a prayer for us).


We visited Caesars’ in December, located on 10 Nile Street, in Maitama which is actually a revamp of the old Nile Place. If you’re an Abuja OG then you’ve most likely been to Nile place or heard of their turkey wings. However, Caesars’ is a completely different restaurant with a slightly different vibe that plays on all of the former restaurant’s strengths but makes it even 10x better. As people who had rinseddddd Nile place, we were ‘eggggcited’ to be invited by the owners of Caesars’ to taste some options from the Menu before their official launch and in doing so, give them the necessary feedback to serve YOU (yes YOU, our readers) better. Food is always better when its free sha let us tell you that one.

There are various seating options in Caesars’ to suit any mood. There are about 3 separate locations indoors. One is a more casual setting with futons around a carpet. There is a formal dining area which is perfect for date nights or birthday celebrations (or if you’re just fancy like that then heyyyy). There’s also a slightly smaller space that leads outside, mixing formal and informal dining. The outside seating area offers shisha and is perfect for a night out with a group of friends.

The decor itself is a twist between modern and comfort (whatever you just imagined…yeah thats it lol).


Lemon Garlic Shrimp Salad

You guys are lucky because the particular member of AFD writing this review has a degree in ‘Abuja Salads’. Lets just say I’ve tried just about every salad from every place in Abuja so I know my salads ;). In Abuja the salad portions are usually always struggling to even fill the plate and I’m always lost, because N200 lettuce can make a whole tray of salad, so where is my money going? Anyway sha, onto this Shrimp salad which to our surprise was very LARGE. Large enough for two people to comfortably share, and at a steal. The salad was very fresh and the presentation was also quite nice. We however had two issues with the salad, one being that the shrimps on had a slightly fishy smell which could have been avoided if they had just been blanched (ehn we know we’re eating fish so what do we expect. Still, we shouldn’t be smelling the fishiness of the fish you get?). The second minor issue was that the dressing could have been more, considering how large the salad was.


Fish Hotplate

We had a guest fish lover, just to make sure we were giving you the best review of this dish and lets just say she cleared it. The fish used for the hotplate was croaker which is usually what you get in most restaurants in Abuja unless you’re a catfish lover (I’m judging you). It was well seasoned and the portion size was pretty generous, I’m pretty sure if she wasn’t such a fish monger it could have been shared amongst at least two other people.

Prawn Hotplate

The prawn hotplate consisted of several large pieces of prawn, with exactly the same sauce the fish was in. However this was slightly saltier, and sat the saltiness overpowered the other flavours.


Caesars’ Pizza

The pizza had some of the most generous toppings we’ve seen on pizza in Abuja, unfortunately, the dough was way too “dough-y”, and it made the pizza harder to chew. There was also barely any tomato sauce on the pizza base which just drew our attention to the “dough-y” pizza.


Overall, the prices in comparison to the portions they serve are more than reasonable. The price breakdown for most of what we ordered is listed below:







The service tbh wasn’t that great but that could have been because we went before the opening. However, I’m pretty sure their service should have been somewhat good considering the fact that the restaurant wasn’t full at all on this day. The main issue was with the waiters response time and the length of time it took for the dishes to come out which honestly felt like hours. We won’t make any firm conclusions now sha and will let you know of any updates when we visit again.



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