VIBE Cantina is located in Sinclair guest house just down the road from the Farmers market in Maitama. It has a very rustic vibe, and is somewhat a mix between a train station and an underground wine cellar. You’re welcomed into the restaurant by a huge “RAILROAD CROSSING” sign on the wall, and barrels around … More Cantina

La Taverna

Happy new year Everyone! Before we get into this review, how’s everyone doing so far on their 2018 resolutions? (LOL). If you’re laughing too then we’re both on the same page but its cool, the fact that you even made resolutions to change something is a good step forward. VIBE La Taverna isn’t really a … More La Taverna

DUO Restaurant

This restaurant is new on the scene and it almost seems like all of Abuja was waiting for a new place to open because we heard they have queues to get in on the weekends, so you know we had to try it out. Just opposite 805 on Aminu Kano Crescent, and right in the … More DUO Restaurant


VIBE Clubhouse is located in the heart of Tak Continental Estate, Life Camp. It has a very rustic feel, with wooden architecture and raffia umbrellas. As the name suggests, it is a club house with a gym, restaurant, pool and other facilities such as a kids playground making it very family friendly. They have both … More CLUB HOUSE

Keje Grill

Keje Grill is an outdoor restaurant located inside Abuja’s vibrant City park on Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2. VIBE We visited the restaurant on a sunny Wednesday afternoon (which we’d advise against…lol but then it’s slowly becoming rainy season so you could take a gamble). City park is for the most part untarred and the drive getting … More Keje Grill

Barkono Grill

We’re back with another review and this time we’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of this spot (fingers crossed). Before we get into it, lets impart a little knowledge about the name of this restaurant. ‘Barkono’ means pepper in Hausa (which is one of the three major dialects in Nigeria) – bet you didn’t know … More Barkono Grill

The Secret Garden

VIBE The Secret Garden is fairly hidden in the well-known River Plate park, along Ahmadu Bello Way. The name is very fitting and already gives insight into what you should expect visually. It has a very airy feel, with the outdoor seating areas placed under thatched roofs held up by pillars (great for the forthcoming raining season … More The Secret Garden

Coco Café

Would you resist a rooftop café with an amazing view ? We just couldn’t at AFD and had to maximise the beautiful day. There is a tranquil feeling that comes with a good meal and an amazing view (carefree black girl). If you are in Abuja, Coco Café has got you covered people! VIBE Coco … More Coco Café