Coco Café

Would you resist a rooftop café with an amazing view ? We just couldn’t at AFD and had to maximise the beautiful day. There is a tranquil feeling that comes with a good meal and an amazing view (carefree black girl). If you are in Abuja, Coco Café has got you covered people! VIBE Coco … More Coco Café

Shawarma Showdown

Best Shawarma in Town? CHICKEN CAPITOL vs ZAVATI vs DRUMSTIX If you live in Abuja then you know the shawarma debate is an on-going showdown. The Abuja Food Diary team has tried shawarma from pretty much all the reputable spots: AJ’s, Shawarma King, Amigo, Drumstix, Zavati, Downtown, Ketchup and Chicken Capitol. Needless to say, only one … More Shawarma Showdown

Breakfast at Charcoal

Vibe Arriving at Charcoal you are welcomed by 3 separate seating sections.The first is almost like a cafe and is hardly ever populated. The second is a very basic indoor seating area which gives views into the semi-open plan kitchen. The terrace however, is where all the fun happens and that’s exactly where the AbujaFoodDiary … More Breakfast at Charcoal