Grab & Go

This spot popped up on Instagram over a month ago and every picture looked delicious. What drew us to it was the fact that this would be the first pretzel place in Abuja and if you’ve ever had Auntie Anne’s you would understand the excitement. There are four branches (Yup already!), leading us all to … More Grab & Go

The Secret Garden

VIBE The Secret Garden is fairly hidden in the well-known River Plate park, along Ahmadu Bello Way. The name is very fitting and already gives insight into what you should expect visually. It has a very airy feel, with the outdoor seating areas placed under thatched roofs held up by pillars (great for the forthcoming raining season … More The Secret Garden

Froyo Frenzy

What else would you be spending a hot Friday afternoon doing, if you’re not sampling the best frozen yoghurt in the city? We picked the top three spots we’ve heard about and ended up with Tutti Frutti, Yogurberry and a rookie in the froyo scene out here, Santifood. Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti is located on the ground floor of … More Froyo Frenzy

Coco Café

Would you resist a rooftop café with an amazing view ? We just couldn’t at AFD and had to maximise the beautiful day. There is a tranquil feeling that comes with a good meal and an amazing view (carefree black girl). If you are in Abuja, Coco Café has got you covered people! VIBE Coco … More Coco Café