Kalakut Café

Soo we are interrupting our usual programming to bring you this jewel of a place. On this edition of #CaféSundays we would like to introduce you to Kalakut Café. This is about to be the coolest spot in Abuja and the team has got all you need to know here first. The café is tucked away in … More Kalakut Café

Shawarma Showdown

Best Shawarma in Town? CHICKEN CAPITOL vs ZAVATI vs DRUMSTIX If you live in Abuja then you know the shawarma debate is an on-going showdown. The Abuja Food Diary team has tried shawarma from pretty much all the reputable spots: AJ’s, Shawarma King, Amigo, Drumstix, Zavati, Downtown, Ketchup and Chicken Capitol. Needless to say, only one … More Shawarma Showdown

Breakfast at Charcoal

Vibe Arriving at Charcoal you are welcomed by 3 separate seating sections.The first is almost like a cafe and is hardly ever populated. The second is a very basic indoor seating area which gives views into the semi-open plan kitchen. The terrace however, is where all the fun happens and that’s exactly where the AbujaFoodDiary … More Breakfast at Charcoal